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TikTok, Meta duel for social media supremacy shows modern capitalism at work

One of the purest forms of American capitalism these days involves, ironically enough, a Chinese company. TikTok, the wildly popular app imported from Chinese outfit ByteDance, continues to run circles around the original king of social media, Facebook and Instagram parent Meta, with the latest example arriving this week.  After days of snowballing criticism about […]

5 Points You Must Consider Before Investing In Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency, a digital currency, or a virtual currency. It is entirely virtual money or online coins/cash. You can transact Bitcoin without involving intermediaries such as financial institutions. Bitcoin doesn’t have physical versions of its coins. These coins are designed using encrypted codes that are chains of letters or numerals. You can purchase […]

A crypto winter or a meltdown? Recession fears and layoffs hit crypto currencies : NPR

As a rout in digital currencies deepens, crypto companies are warning of a coming recession and laying off hundreds of employees. SACHA PFEIFFER, HOST: Cryptocurrencies have been in freefall, and that’s a gut punch to millions of amateur investors who thought they were buying into the future of finance. NPR’s David Gura joins us now […]

Microsoft is retiring its once-dominant browser Internet Explorer : NPR

Microsoft says starting Wednesday it will no longer support Internet Explorer. Resources and tech support will go to Microsoft Edge — an internet portal that the company calls new and improved. RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: Good morning. I’m Rachel Martin. If there’s one constant in the tech world, it’s change. This morning, Microsoft is officially retiring […]