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A large percentage of couples in America are having fertility problems. It pertains to difficulty in bearing a child and miscarriages due to many factors. Finding out the causes of infertility can be challenging in some cases. However, there is a treatment that would make conceiving possible but not 100% guaranteed. 

Consulting a doctor may help with infertility issues through a wide variety of treatments. All couples are encouraged to seek professional advice to keep them guided in forming a family. There are more things that you should know about fertility checkups, so read this post. 

When to Consult Experts?

The most crucial part of getting married is family planning. Having children is the ultimate goal of a married couple but some could not conceive which often results in a broken relationship. Nonetheless, taking a fertility test before marriage plays a vital role to ensure that the couple can bear a child. Such an assurance adds up the confidence to pursue marriage. 

The advantage of an early fertility test is it increases the chance of getting pregnant. It includes a general checkup to detect any issues in the reproductive system and find treatment immediately. 

If after one year of marriage and active sex life and there was still no conception, it could be a sign of infertility. Experts can assess a couple’s fertility after at least a year of trial. There must be no birth control for women under 35 years who undergo several times trying to conceive. While women beyond 35 of age must consult a doctor in less than a year. 

Women’s fertility declines in the 30s resulting in lesser egg production. Failing to conceive within six months of trying requires seeking medical help. A higher pregnancy and miscarriage risk can happen to women beyond 40 years old. 

Common Symptoms of Infertility 

Both men and women may suffer from fertility problems. It could be genetic but in most cases, infertility can be caused by severe illnesses. Some prescriptions may trigger the reproductive condition of a male or female which could develop greater risk. 

Medical history of breast cancer, PCOS, and sexually transmitted infections may end up in infertility problems. These are all related to the reproductive system which can cause difficulty in conceiving a child. 

Different medical conditions, such as diabetes, kidney failure, and thyroid illness can also activate infertility. Those are chronic diseases that may put pregnant women in great danger and so consulting a doctor matters for a safe birth. It helps to monitor the entire journey so that in case of a risky condition, no one would be put to harm. 

Other Signs of Infertility 

Things to Consider During a Fertility Checkup

Here is a list of visible signs that a couple may be experiencing fertility issues:

  • Irregular Menstrual Cycle 

Women should monitor their menstrual cycle in connection to fertility conditions. There are charts that you can rely on to determine whether you have regular or irregular ovulation. Understanding the luteal phase is crucial to knowing your fertile days which makes conceiving easier. 

Bleeding periods must last not more than seven days. If it exceeds, consult a doctor as it may indicate fertility problems. It should not also soak a pad for less than one hour which can be a symptom of a hormonal issue. Some women experience bleeding in between periods which is also a sign of irregularity. 

Thus, it is essential for every woman trying to conceive to be aware of their menstrual cycle. It is the easiest method to diagnose a potential infertility issue. 

The saddest thing a couple may endure is losing a child. Miscarriage differs from stillbirth in terms of the number of weeks of conception. The latter pertains to the loss that happens after 20 weeks of conception while miscarriage occurs earlier. It is common to have a miscarriage but if it ensues more than twice, then a problem might exist. 

The cause of miscarriage is perhaps a fertilized egg that cannot fully develop due to many factors. These include poor implantation of egg or sperm in the uterus. 

It is not always the mother’s fault when miscarriages arise because no one wants such a thing to ever happen. 

It is best to consult a doctor after two miscarriages before attempting to conceive again. This scenario can impact the overall health of the mother and maybe getting pregnant is not a good idea. 

A full erection is necessary for a bigger chance to impregnate a woman. It does not depend on age but often on genetics. Men will get old and still, won’t suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Seeking a doctor can help men suffering from erectile dysfunction with a certain treatment. It is easy to cure and aid a couple to get pregnant after several tries. 

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Final Thoughts 

The IVF treatment in Thailand can support pregnancy even in couples with infertility issues for a long time. It works through the science wherein male and female embryos would be free from genetic abnormalities. The procedure is to be performed by doctors with IVF treatment experience. 

Indeed, conceiving a baby can be challenging for some couples. Knowing the early signs of infertility would make a difference. A fertility checkup is noteworthy before and during the marriage to easily detect if there is a problem. 

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